About us

Pulse Effect:

Dzintars Viksna (band's leader, percussion, body percussion)

Kristaps Krolls (percussion, body percussion)

Guntis Spridzans (choreography, dance, body percussion)

Ingus Tazans (percussion)

Gints Dancitis (body percussion, dance)

Kristaps Andersons (percussion)



Pulse Effect was created thanks to the offer to make rhythmic performance where fire barrels would be involved in 2006. That was a great opportunity for a percussionist Dzintars Viksna to make a rhythmical performance by using several kinds of objects which are not the music instruments. He invited his friends and the next band members Kristaps Krolls, Ingus Tazans and Arturs Abrams to participate the performance. The performance received approval, and the guys understood that this is just the beginning...

Pulse Effect has got two playgrounds - the traditional one or ethnic percussion and worldwide known free-style percussion, which summarize both body-percussion or body- jamming and elements of drum play. If this is combined with the choreography, the result is the performance. Pulse Effect has got already two - The Force (choreography Anna Kirse) in 2007, and new one No Drums, No Problems (choreography Guntis Spridzans) which is going to be presented on the 25th May 2010. Pulse Effect is the first free-style percussion performer in Latvia.

The band very often does corporate with the other artists, fire performers Fire Spirit, bartenders' duo Biezpiens & Rozine, Dj Krii, Dj Raitis, Mallemuck, multi - instrumentalist Ilja Sneiveiss, folk groups, belly dancers, for instance, etc. (Projects).

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